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Country : Bhutan
Summary : Furniture for New Terminal Building
BTT Ref No : 49136568
Tender Notice No : DoAT/ADD/LD2/2
Competition :NCB
Financier :Self Financed
Address: Department of Air Transport, MoICParo International Airport, City:, Gewog:, District: Paro - , Country: Bhutan
Name of Official Inviting Tender : Pelden Lhamo
Phone No: 08-271403, Fax No:
Tender Details :Tender are invited for Furniture for new terminal building
Project Name : Not applicable
Category : Manufactured goods, furniture, handicrafts, special-purpose products and associated consumables;Furniture;Seats, chairs and associated parts;Non-domestic furniture;Domestic furniture;Miscellaneous furniture and equipment;School furniture;Jewellery and related articles;Coins and medals;Articles of jewellery;Musical instruments and parts;Musical instruments;Parts and accessories of musical instruments;Sports goods and equipment;Outdoor sports equipment;Gymnasium equipment;Games and toys; fairground amusements;Dolls;Toys;Articles for funfair, table or parlour games;Miscellaneous manufactured and other goods;Laundry supplies;School slates or boards with writing or drawing surfaces;Artificial products;Apparatus and equipment designed for demonstrational purposes;Umbrellas and sunshades; walking sticks and seat sticks;Funeral supplies;Kitchen equipment, household items and catering supplies;Barracks supplies;Consumables and consumer goods;Consumables;Tax-free goods;Disposable goods;Handicraft and art supplies;Handicraft supplies;Art supplies;Special-purpose product;Police equipment;Recycled products;Security devices;Animal ear tags;Compost boxes;Tokens;Spray booths;Snow poles
Information for Bidder/Consultant :
Eligibility of Tenderer : Bidders holding valid trade license
Brief Description of Goods and Related Service : Furniture
Evaluation Type : Item-wise
Document Available : Package wise
Document Fees : Package wise
Tender/Proposal Document Price (In Nu.) : 0
Mode of Payment : Payment through Bank
Tender/Proposal Security Valid Up to : 26-May-2021
Tender/Proposal Valid Up to : 26-Apr-2021
Deadline :26th Jan 2021
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