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Country : Bhutan
Summary : Procurement of Energy Efficient Improved Cook Stove
BTT Ref No : 51778616
Tender Notice No : DL/PRO/1
Competition :NCB
Financier :Self Financed
Address: Thimphu, City:, Gewog:, District: Thimphu - , Country: Bhutan
Name of Official Inviting Tender : Chimi Rinzin
Phone No: 02-337085, Fax No:
Tender Details :Tender are invited for Procurement of energy efficient improved cook stove
Project Name : Not applicable
Category : Basic metals and associated products; Basic metals; Tubes; Iron and steel products; Precious metals and metals clad with precious metals; Aluminium and aluminium products; Lead, zinc and tin products; Copper products; Non-ferrous metal products; Fabricated products and materials; Structural metal products; Metal tanks, reservoirs and containers; central-heating radiators and boilers; Nuclear reactors and parts; Cable, wire and related products; Miscellaneous fabricated metal products and related items; Cutlery, tools, locks, keys and hinges; Fasteners, chain and springs; Construction materials and associated items;Basic iron and steel;Steel alloy ingots;Carbon-steel products;Bars and rods;Railway-track construction materials;Slag, dross, ferrous waste and scrap;Iron tubes and fittings;Steel tubes and fittings;Cold drawn products;Cold-rolled products;Folded products;Wire and miscellaneous products;Ferro-alloys;Precious metals;Metals clad with precious metals;Unwrought aluminium;Aluminium products;Waste and scrap of aluminium;Lead, zinc and tin;Semi-finished products of lead, zinc or tin;Waste and scrap of lead, zinc or tin;Unwrought copper;Semi-finished products of copper;Waste and scrap of copper;Unwrought nickel;Nickel products;Waste and scrap of nickel;Metal structures and parts of structures;Builders joinery of metal;Metal tanks, reservoirs, containers and pressure vessels;Central-heating radiators and boilers and parts;Nuclear reactors;Parts of nuclear reactors;Wire products;Cable and related products;Metal articles for the bathroom and kitchen;Metal goods;Armour plating;Bearings;Mild steel;Props and mining struts;Cast-iron products;Miscellaneous fire-protection equipment;Cutlery;Tools;Locks, keys and hinges;Fasteners;Chain;Springs;Construction materials;Road furniture;Sewer mains;Steel products related to construction materials;Oil country...
Deadline :10th Apr 2021
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