Supply of Hardware, Equipment and Stationary for Fy 2020-2021

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Country : Bhutan
Summary : Supply of Hardware, Equipment and Stationary for Fy 2020-2021
BTT Ref No : 47448259
Tender Notice No : RO-T/2020-2021/18
Competition : NCB
Financier : Self Financed
Address: Regional Office, DoR, Thimphu, City:, Gewog:, District: Thimphu - 11001, Country: Bhutan
Name of Official Inviting Tender : Karma Tshewang
Phone No: 02-326869, Fax No: 02-324593
Tender Details : Tender are invited for Supply of Hardware, Equipment and stationary for FY 2020-2021
Project Name : Not applicable
Category : Machinery, equipment, appliances, apparatus and associated products;Machinery for the production and use of mechanical power;Turbines and motors;Pumps and compressors;Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances;Gears, gearing and driving elements;General-purpose machinery;Industrial or laboratory furnaces, incinerators and ovens;Lifting and handling equipment and parts;Cooling and ventilation equipment;Miscellaneous general-purpose machinery;Agricultural, horticultural and forestry machinery;Agricultural and forestry machinery for soil preparation or cultivation;Harvesting machinery;Spraying machinery for agriculture or horticulture;Self-loading or unloading trailers and semi-trailers for agriculture;Specialist agricultural or forestry machinery;Tractors;Parts of agricultural and forestry machinery;Machine tools;Machine tools operated by laser and machining centres;Lathes, boring and milling machine tools;Metal-working machine tools;Machine tools for working hard materials except metals;Pneumatic or motorised hand tools;Soldering, brazing and welding tools, surface tempering and hot-spraying machines and equipment;Parts and accessories of machine tools;Special-purpose machinery and parts;Machinery for metallurgy and associated parts;Machinery for mining, quarrying and construction;Machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing and associated parts;Machinery for textile, apparel and leather production;Machinery for paper or paperboard production;Miscellaneous special-purpose machinery;Weapons, ammunition and associated parts;Motorised tanks and armoured fighting vehicles;Military weapons;Firearms;Ammunition;Parts of military weapons;Truncheons or night sticks;Domestic appliances;Electrical domestic appliances;Non-electric domestic appliances;Miscellaneous equipment;Transport related equipment;Workshop equipment;Construction equipme...
Deadline : 24th Nov 2020
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