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Country : Bhutan
Summary : Upgradation of Conventional Streelights to Led at Pia
BTT Ref No : 45533196
Tender Notice No : DoAT/ADD/2020-21/68
Competition : NCB
Financier : Self Financed
Address: Department of Air Transport, MoICParo International Airport, City:, Gewog:, District: Paro - , Country: Bhutan
Name of Official Inviting Tender : Deki Yangzom
Phone No: 08-271403, Fax No:
Tender Details : Tender are invited for Upgradation of conventional streelights to LED at PIA
Project Name : Not applicable
Category : Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; Electric motors, generators and transformers; Electricity distribution and control apparatus; Insulated wire and cable; Accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries; Lighting equipment and electric lamps; Electrical equipment and apparatus; Electronic, electromechanical and electrotechnical supplies;Electric motors;Generators;Alternators;Cooling towers;Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes;Parts of electric motors, generators and transformers;Transformers;Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits;Electrical circuit components;Parts of electricity distribution or control apparatus;Mains;Power distribution cables;Coaxial cable;Insulated cable accessories;Electric conductors for data and control purposes;Primary cells;Primary batteries;Electric accumulators;Electric filament lamps;Lamps and light fittings;Parts of lamps and lighting equipment;Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles;Sound or visual signalling apparatus;Magnets;Machines and apparatus with individual functions;Insulating fittings;Carbon electrodes;Electrical parts of machinery or apparatus;Electrical supplies and accessories;Electronic equipment;Electromechanical equipment;Electrotechnical equipment
Information for Bidder/Consultant :
Eligibility of Tenderer : valid trade license copy
Brief Description of Goods and Related Service : Upgratdation of conventional streetlights to LED at PIA
Evaluation Type : Lot-wise
Document Available : Package wise
Document Fees :
Mode of Payment : Payment through Bank
Tender/Proposal Security Valid Up to : 16-Dec-2020
Tender/Proposal Valid Up to : 16-Nov-2020
Deadline : 17th Sep 2020
Documents : Download